My employment history

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My employment history brief overview.

My employment history, after my accident aged 10 I lost 4 years of schooling because I was in a breathing-dependent ward. I read doctors' textbooks from the age of ten.
At age 14 I was discharged from the hospital and became a pioneer of mainstreaming into schools.

I was well advanced for my age I left school at 16 and went into an apprenticeship as an industrial wireman.

Over the years I qualified as an electronic technician working for a number of companies.

In the late 1980s, the New Zealand telecommunications industry was deregulated. I trained a number of my disabled friends and established Auckland Telephone Services.

This was a huge success and featured in many magazines and newspapers, we also made it onto a TVNZ television program aptly titled Success link below.

As the imported telephones became cheaper the repair industry shrunk we then turned our skills to PlayStations and opened PlayStation repairs NZ. again this was a success.

I am now designing websites publishing online and becoming a popular photographer.

I currently own and operate Website Design Whangarei.

I am building an online shop for my photography it is called Bird Feva Images.

I will place a number of links below

Website Design Whangarei

My latest creation Bird Feva Images

TVNZ program Success

Below is a sample of some websites I have made. I can do the job but struggle with potential customers just not accepting my phone voice and being scared away.

For the customers, I do have they are all happy.

I want to teach and employ other disabled as I have done in the past