Because Only Together We Can

Build A World Where Disabled Are Safe, Strong Valued & Employed

I would like to be part of the accessibility reference group because I want to make a difference in the outcomes for disabled people.

I have a vision I have the passion I believe in a can-do attitude I like to remove what I perceive as a barrier to obtaining a better life for New Zealand's disabled people.

I have a lot to contribute.

I am aged 61 I have 51 years of lived experience my disabilities are complicated, to say the least, but include mobility speaking, and breathing.

I identify as a European New Zealander but have Maori heritage, I am on the Maori roll

I would love the opportunity to join this group and attend in person but also have the option of attending remotely.

A bit about myself

Fell from bike aged 10 4 years in hospital 51 years disabled

Aged 10 in 1970 I fell from my bike four years in hospital 51 years disabled.

My accident was before ACC. My disabilities have left me 85% disabled as decided by the medical appeals board.
I was discharged from the hospital aged 14. As soon as I could I was helping others. This is what I do I advocate not only for disabled people but for anybody.
I qualified as an electronic technician, I have owned and operated private repair businesses employing disabled people.

I currently own and operate Website Design Whangarei. I am an expert in the field of SEO search engine optimization.

SEO is about being better than your competitors it is about being as perfect as we can make it. I have a great understanding of life.

I would like this job as I am heavily into mind power and visualization. I am somewhat visionary.
I am currently deputy chair on the Whangarei council disability advisory group a position I have held for two years. 

I do things for the good of my people, the disabled I advocate for accessibility and employment for the disabled.

Need new pathway to Whangarei dog park as asked for by Glen McMillan
Whangarei Public Dog Park needs a path, I got one built
Whangarei Public Dog Park needs a path, I got one built
Glen McMillan lobbied for this new footpath.

This will tell you a bit about my connections I have to the community.

1# I am currently deputy chair on the Whangarei district council disability advisory group, I have held this position for two years. I am applying for another two-year term, my attendance record is 100% I have never missed a meeting.

2# I was chairman of DPA Northland for a time I resigned because we did not have enough active members in Northland. I remain a DPA member.

3# I am an online advocate for many disability-related causes. I have been trying to change the culture around the stigma many disabled feel in employment.

4# I ran for Whangarei District Council in the last local body elections, I had a very low budget and faced many hurdles along the way.
However, I did receive a good number of votes and I learned a lot. I will be running again and expect to do better with a good chance of success because I did learn.

5# Socail media I am an advocate for the rights of the disabled, as such I have branded the keyword phase Disability Advisory Group I have the full social media network under this name including Gmail and websites.
As time allows me to I communicate globally with other disability organizations.

6# Continuing on social media I have many connections and my disabled or positivity-related posts receive on average 1500 likes per week.

7# I have recently launched myself as a photographer with a love of living things. I walk but not well I also use a wheelchair most of my photography currently is of birds with a focus on Tui.

My Tui photos are equal to the top photos and world-class. I have embraced social media to share my images the reaction has been very big with my photography based posts receiving thousands of likes weekly.

8# Employment for the disabled I have advocated long and hard for better work outcomes for the disabled, despite my efforts very little progress has been made in the last 40 years, the employment statistics have barely changed.
If I am successful with this application I have lots of ideas I would like to share.

As above I get concrete results

Below is a sample of some websites I have made. I can do the job but struggle with potential customers just not accepting my phone voice and being scared away.

For the customers, I do have they are all happy.

I want to teach and employ other disabled as I have done in the past