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Build A World Where Disabled Are Safe, Strong Valued & Employed

Who We Are

To Build A World Where Disabled Can Be Employed In Home Offices

Coronavirus has arrived in New Zealand I have had airway reconstruction as a child meaning I have a narrow airway and susceptible to viruses.

So like many disabled, I should start self-isolating to protect myself, many other disabled should do the same.

I do things for the good of my people, the disabled I advocate for accessibility and employment for the disabled.

I am needing help with software costs for the next two years to enable me to continue my work helping in the lives of disabled people.

This software will allow me to help myself and teach other disabled in the use of the software in order to gain employment and work from home.

Need new pathway to Whangarei dog park as asked for by Glen McMillan
Whangarei Public Dog Park needs a path, I got one built
Whangarei Public Dog Park needs a path, I got one built
Glen McMillan lobbied for this new footpath.

As above I get concrete results

Impact Stories

Glen Has Been Disabled Since He Was Just 10

Glen has been disabled from age 10 and in the hospital until age 14, but Glen is now 60 and has accomplished so much for himself and other disabled people.

A Brighter Future — For Disabled Employment

A Brighter Future — For Disabled Employment, here we are sliding into a recession it is 2020 already 74% of disabled are unemployed I am trying to change this.

Below is a sample of some websites I have made. I can do the job but struggle with potential customers just not accepting my phone voice and being scared away.

For the customers, I do have they are all happy.

I want to teach and employ other disabled as I have done in the past


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