Watch my videos below my ideas for Whangarei

Glen McMillan born Auckland New Zealand in 1959, disabled in a bicycle accident in 1970 but more abled than disabled I achieve a lot in life I work hard I read a lot I learn I absorb knowledge.

I moved to Whangarei 6 years ago having lived in Auckland running my own businesses. I purchased a house tucked into the bush in Riverside close to the Riverside Marina. Whangarei is now my home.

I have featured on TVNZ Success program I have been in many papers and magazines for my success, I have run many successful businesses I currently run Website Design Whangarei

I like what Whangarei District Council (WDC) is doing with infrastructure in Whangarei. I have a disability and I can drive but I often use a mobility scooter or a wheelchair.

I have a voice disability when watching my videos please turn the volume up so you can hear me.

The WDC drive to create walkways and cycleways has to be applauded, as a user of mobility devices such as a mobility scooter. Whangarei is becoming much more accessible with excellent quality infrastructure.

I am a long term disability advocate.

I take a common-sense approach to life. I face many barriers, as do many disabled people. I have been removing these barriers for more than 40 years and I would bring this skill to the council.

How I would fit into Whangarei District Council? I am a qualified electronics service person by trade, these days I am a website designer and online publisher.

Being disabled I have a passion for accessibility. I have worked with Northland DHB with 2 new accessible entranceways into the hospital carpark and given advice on changes and considerations for the DHB 7 year plan.

I have worked both with private companies in Northland and WDC on accessibility improvements for our community. I have provided advice to WDC and they do listen and have acted. This benefits the whole community.

I have a passion for keeping Whangarei clean and green so both locals and our lifeblood tourists can enjoy our city. WDC is making a huge effort to keep our harbour clean; this would be one of my passions.

Whangarei could become a bigger business hub by promoting work from home offices taking advantage of our fibre connections.

In 2019 many jobs are being automated. WDC could be promoting upskilling programmes to help our people get jobs.

I would like to be building strong relationships with every sector of our community with an emphasis on Maori, the elderly, disabled or less-abled people. I listen, I care, I ask and advocate for change

I am on the WDC disability advisory group as co-chair.

I am founder and Chairman of Disability Advisory Group New Zealand.

I am Chairman of DPA Northland ( Disabled Persons Assembly ).